Pro Mounting

InchesMillimetersUltraMount / KapaMount - 5mmACM/DiBond - 4mm
5" x 7"127mm x 177mm$30$63
8" x 12"203mm x 304mm$30$63
8.3" x 11.7"210mm x 297mm (A4)$30$63
12" x 12"304mm x 304mm$39$86
11.7" x 16.5"297mm x 420mm (A3)$49$109
12" x 18"304mm x 457mm$59$109
12" x 24"304mm x 609mm$55$127
16" x 16"406mm x 406mm$55$127
16" x 20"406mm x 508mm$63$146
16" x 24"406mm x 609mm$67$157
20" x 20"508mm x 508mm$67$157
16.5" x 23.4"420mm x 594mm (A2)$70$169
20" x 24"508mm x 609mm$70$169
20" x 30"508mm x 762mm$73$182
24" x 24"609mm x 609mm$73$182
24" x 30"609mm x 762mm$76$196
23.4" x 33"594mm x 840mm (A1)$92$233
24" x 36"609mm x 914mm$92$233
24" x 48"609mm x 1219mm$111$292
24" x 60"609mm x 1524mm$127$318
30" x 30"762mm x 762mm$85$212
30" x 45"762mm x 1143mm$108$288
30" x 48"762mm x 1219mm$111$302
30" x 60"762mm x 1524mm$128$339
40" x 40"1016mm x 1016mm$128$340
33" x 46.8"840mm x 1188mm (A0)$128$340
40" x 48"1016mm x 1219mm$148$398
40" x 60"1016mm x 1524$191$509
40" x 72"1016mm x 1828mm$228$610
40" x 84"1016mm x 2133mm$323$853
40" x 96"1016mm x 2438mm$371$975
All prices exclude GST and shipping if required.

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